Bu eğitimde Kodi ilk kez M3U listesine nasıl eklenir  yeni başlayanlar öğreteceğim.

Çok dikkatli bir şekilde adımları takip edin.

1 – System Seçin.



2 – TV Seçin.



3 – Select General, and with your mouse (click) click on Enabled. By selecting this option will show a blue ball that will enabled Live TV category. If that checkbox is disabled it will be impossible to see the shortcut in Home screen and have access to the channel list. To complete this change select OK.



4 – Once you confirm the operation, will be automatically redirected to the PVR Clients.

If you want to access channels, you need to activate one of these TV add-ons. Therefore, select the add-on PVR IPTV Simple Client, which in my opinion is the best to date and the only one that accepts m3u channels lists.



5 – Select Enable >> Configure.



6 – Select the tool “M3U Play List Path”. You must be very careful in the type of location you will choose for your channel list. As you can see in the yellow arrow “Local Path” corresponds to the hard drive of your Desktop or TV Box. The only thing to do is get the file .m3u in the folder on your computer.



7 – As you can see in the picture there is another option named “Remote Path” which runs especially through a url, (ex: http://channels list.m3u).

The only advantage is that by introducing an internet address, no need to refresh the list manually, because someone on the other side does that work for you.
Personally I prefer to put a channel list manually. Continuing…



8 – Select the folder C: >> Folder where file is saved >> yourlist.m3u. In my case was in folder C: >> Downloads >> exptest.m3u. As you know this varies for each computer. Certainly will not have trouble finding your .m3u file.



9 – Select OK and go back to Home screen.



10 – For the change to take effect you must restart now the program. Be very careful when you restart XBMC or Kodi. If you are using a Desktop, must click in Exit, and in the case of being a TV Box select the option Reboot.


11 – Now that you’ve restarted the program it is very likely to appear a popup informing that there is No PVR Addon Enabled. No problem, because it is usual that happen for the first time.

To solve the problem select OK, and once again will be redirected automatically to the PVR Clients.


12 – Select the add-on PVR IPTV Simple Client.



13 – Select Enable.



14 – Now you can check below that the channels were finally added to you PVR Client.

To complete the change you must restart again your XBMC or Kodi. And from now every time you start the program, the list will be automatically added.


15 – Select TV >> Channels. Selecting directly in the TV it will also give access to the channel list. Enjoy.



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