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Giving and Taking: The Win/Win Philosophy of Relationships. When you go into a situation with a Win/Win attitude, like it states, everyone wins. As Stephen Covey wrote in his book, “Win/Win means that agreements or solutions are mutually beneficial, mutually satisfying.

The most appropriate system for this understanding is the credit system.

Take your panel, load your credit, sell it.

The first month will cost you 30% less than the normal sale.

As an “Active Reseller” and a “Passive Reseller”, you define your own category in order to grow faster.

What does “Active Reseller” mean?

  • Reseller with the potential to actively sell.
  • Dealers who can sell approximately 50-500 members monthly are considered active dealers.
  • Advantage, will have, in addition to 30% discount + 10% discount compared to the normal selling costs.

What does “Passive Reseller” mean?

  • Dealers who sell an average of 25 members per month are considered passive dealers.
  • It has 30% discount cost compared to normal sale.

What is Sub-Reseller?

  • You may also be vendors like us, you can open reseller.
  • The reseller you open will both gain you and you will get + 10% gain by deserving additional discount on cost.
  • Double-earning reseller, just us.

Remember, there are no losers in the win-win philosophy. You too, be a partner in this gain.

We will have some requests from you;

  • Mutual trust is essential. Do not give a test broadcast to people you do not trust.
  • Since you do not have to pay additional fees for the panel, you should get at least 300-500 credits.
  • Before you get a reseller, having technical information about iptv, you and us saves time.
  • You must take care of with your customers. Credit will be deducted from you for each member you have directed to us.


Ajav SHARMA (SharmaTech)

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